Heart Filet Bookmark #3 February 1999
by Lee Ann Hamm (Crochet...Gotta Love It!)

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Posted February 6, 1999
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America's Best Perle Cotton (Super Sapphire-H)
Crochet hook, size 8
Size: 3 3/4" x 4" (just the filet part)
Size: 15" (with tassel and cord attached)
Gauge: 8 dc = 1 inch

To begin, work from bottom chart (I did it this way since it tends to be easier to decrease in filet crochet, than it is to increase. Hence, that is why the graph is upside down. Just work from the bottom to the top.....upside down, that is.)

To start, ch 36.
Row 1: Dc in 4th chain from hook and each remaining ch across. Ch 3, turn and continue working project according to chart.

Note: This is a basic filet pattern. Spaces = ch 2, skip 2 sts, 1 dc in next st; Blocks = 3 dc in next 3 sts. To begin each row, you will ch 3 (this counts as 1 dc). Start decreasing at beginning of row 12. Please note that row 13 consists of a 'block'+ 'space'+'block'. This is where your tassel cord will go. :) Click here for instructions on how to decrease.

Cord and tassel instructions:
Cut 3 strands of thread, each 25 to 27 inches long (your preference). Twist these strands tightly. Now double these strands and give them a second twist in the opposite direction. Knot free ends, leaving about 1 1/2 inches free (you will need this to tie tassel onto cord).
To make a tassel:
Wrap thread 20 times or so around a 5-inch piece of sturdy cardboard (i.e., cut from a cereal box, etc). Cut threads on one end and remove from cardboard. Cut other side of strands. Carefully tie a knot, using free ends of cord, around the middle of the tassel strands you just cut and fold the tassel in half. Then wrap string about 7 or 8 times around the tassel, towards the top and knot securely. Using crochet hook, carefully draw in the ends of the knot you made around the outside of the tassel. Trim ends even on the bottom of tassel and work in loose ends on the filet part. Viola! You're finished, just in time for your Valentine. :)

Lightly press or block as desired. :)

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