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Human Character Sketches (Gargoyles) by Lee Ann

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Human characters

Derek Maza; Elisa's brother

Derek Maza, "There won't be trouble, but alright . . . I promise." --HER BROTHER'S KEEPER

Beth Maza--Elisa's sister in Flagstaff, New Mexico.

Beth Maza--Elisa's sister in Flagstaff, New Mexico. "We've got to help him." --CLOUD FATHERS

Peter Maza--Elisa's father.

Peter Maza--Elisa's father. "You're all bananas!" --CLOUD FATHERS

Carlos Maza (Elisa and Beth Maza's grandfather)

Carlos Maza: Peter Maza's father; grandfather of Elisa and Beth Maza --CLOUD FATHERS

Diane Maza

Diane Maza, "We can pray . . . we can pray." --DEADLY FORCE

Elisa Maza

Elisa Maza, "I don't get it. What happens at sunrise?" --AWAKENINGS

Mr. Dugan

Mr. Dugan, "Aw, Rory . . . you always gave up to easy." --THE HOUND OF ULSTER


Molly/Banshee, "You don't want to get caught by the 'Great Beast?'" --THE HOUND OF ULSTER

Rory Dugan

Rory Dugan/Cu Cullain, "There's no heros anymore, Da` . . . only villians." --THE HOUND OF ULSTER

Cu Chullain

Cu Chullain of Ireland --THE HOUND OF ULSTER


Erik, "Let us hope we have enough traction to back up, my son." --THE EYE OF ODIN


Gunther, "Her story doesn't make sense, Papa. Why isn't she wearing a parka?" --THE EYE OF ODIN

Anatasia Renard

Anatasia Renard. --THE GATHERING, PART ONE


Fox Renard, "Are you serious?" --EYE OF THE BEHOLDER

Halcyen Renard

Halcyen Renard, "It worked!" --THE GATHERING, PART THREE

The Archmage!

The Archmage, "Then you must help me retrieve the Grimorum from that beast, Goliath!" --AVALON, PART ONE

Bobbie Porter

Bobbie Porter, "You? No way!" --RUNAWAYS

Dave Porter

Dave Porter, "Let go of me!" --RUNAWAYS

Kenny Porter

Kenny Porter, "Did you get the stuff to Radar?" --RUNAWAYS




Margo, "Great idea, Brandon. Ride the subway; meet interesting people . . ." --HUNTER'S MOON, PART ONE


Brandon, "Give it a rest, Margo." --HUNTER'S MOON, PART ONE

Police captain, Maria Chavez

Maria Chavez, "I'm sorry to have to meet you under these circumstances." --DEADLY FORCE

Dr. Arnada.

Dr. Arnada, "I'm out of my depth here, but my brother in Honolulu is a neuro-specialist." --SENTINAL

Pilot, Douglas Bader

Douglas Bader, "Clyde, did you see that?" --M.I.A.

Dominique Dracon

Dominique Dracon, "You have indomitable spirit, detective!" I always admire that in my oponents." --THE SILVER FALCON


Dingo (former member of The Pack) --WALKABOUT

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