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INRI Sampler Square April 15, 2001 by Lee Ann Hamm (Crochet...Gotta Love It!)

Monday, April 16, 2001
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The letters "INRI" are initials for the Latin title that Pontius Pilate had written over the head of Jesus Christ on the cross (John 19:19). Latin was the official language of the Roman Empire. The words were "Iesus Nazarenvs Rex Ivdaeorvm." Latin uses "I" instead of the English "J", and "V" instead of "U" (i.e., Jesus Nazarenus Rex Judaeorum). The English translation is "Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the Jews." INRI info website:

Worsted weight yarn (2 colors of your choice). I used Caron's Simply Soft yarn "Raspberry" (1st color) and "English Rose" (2nd color).
Crochet hook, size F/5/8/3.75MM

NOTE: Read odd-numbered rows from right to left and even-numbered rows from left to right. Each square on chart equals 1 sc stitch. The squares with the X's indicate 2nd color. Row 1 is at the bottom of the chart and Row 24 is at the top of the chart.

NOTE: To change colors, work a sc in the old color, then, pull the new color through the last two loops to complete that sc stitch.

ANOTHER QUICK NOTE: If you are having trouble with the letters looking right on the square, you could instead work the 1st 3 rows and the rows containing the letters (Rows 1 through 8 total), in the background color working only sc stitches. After you finish the square, go back and taking a large-eyed sewing needle (or yarn needle), cross stitch the letters onto the sc rows using the chart as placement.

Abbreviations (American):
Chain (ch)
Slip Stitch (sl st)
Single Crochet (sc)
Beginning (beg)

Gauge: 4 sc = 1 inch
Finished size: 6 1/2" x 6 1/2"

To begin, ch 25.

Row 1: (With 1st color) 1 sc in 2nd ch from hook, 1 sc in each ch across; ch 1, turn (on this row now and throughout). (24 sc).
Rows 2 & 3: 1 Sc in each sc across; ch 1, turn (24 sc).
Row 4: 1 Sc in each of 1st 4 sc; (change to 2nd color), sc in next sc; (change to 1st color), 1 sc in each of next 2 sc; (2nd color) sc in next sc; (1st color), 1 sc in each of next 2 sc; (2nd color), 1 sc in each of next 2 sc; (1st color), 1 sc in each of next 2 sc; (2nd color), sc in next sc; (1st color), sc in next sc; (2nd color), sc in next sc; (1st color), 1 sc in each of next 2 sc; (2nd color), sc in next sc; (1st color), 1 sc in each of last 4 sc; ch 1, turn.
Rows 5 - 24: Continue according to chart. At the end of last row, fasten off if you wish to work edging with 2nd color.


Turn so that the letters INRI are facing. Work a sc edging all around the perimeter as follows: 1 sc in each sc across top; 1 sc in each row along sides; 1 sc in opposite side of each foundation ch on bottom and also working 3 sc in each corner to prevent curling. Sl st to beg sc and fasten off leaving at least a 6" (inch) length of yarn for sewing in. Sew in all ends with a large-eyed sewing needle.

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