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Lee Ann's Gargoyle Sketches

This page was updated October 19, 1998

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Here's a little something neat to do.....just drag your mouse over a color and watch the background on this page.....neat. :)
b a c k g r o u n d c o l o r

NOTICE: More of my sketches here!

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Lee Ann's Gargoyle Sketches

Demona--Queen of Evil!

Demona - "Queen of Evil"


Coldstone, "Sister . . . !"

Bronx, the lovable gargoyle beast!


Goliath and Elisa--

Goliath, "Believe it or not . . . we've hit ice." Elisa, "I believe it!"


Macbeth, "Excalibur is mine!"


Demona, drawn from memory.


Demona, "You think you can stop me?!"

The Pack


Hyena, "Hey, he's a fan . . . and we always make time for our fans."


Jackel, "First Eygpt, now Guatemala? Must Goliath follow us everywhere?"


Griff, " . . . And what makes you think you're not?"

Arthur Pendragon

King Arthur, "But if that is true, then the sword has left Britian."

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